Pajamas takes an inside look at remote work. It's a collection of interviews with people who work at companies with mostly distributed teams. That means teams that have 2/3rds or more of their employees working remotely, or for teams that have a central office and a greater than 30% concentration of workers in one place, the company doesn't require that local workers use the office on a daily basis. (This rule is pretty loose, though, and I sometimes make exceptions for extraordinary teams that have interesting things to say about distributed work.)


What we do for work and how we do it is changing. Having a physical presence in a specific place is no longer a requirement for much of what occupies our time, so remote work is becoming increasingly popular. Building a team of employees who live and work in many different places has advantages, but also comes with challenges. Pajamas explores both the good and the bad of remote working with people at companies that are already figuring out how to make it work.


I'm Josh Catone. I'm an editor, writer and marketer based in Providence, RI. I've worked remotely for nearly a decade for companies like Mashable, feedly, SitePoint, ReadWrite, and Raw Story. Currently, I run content and partnerships for Saent. You can follow me on Twitter @catone or learn more about my background on LinkedIn.

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